World Championship Finals History


The FIFA world cup is an international association of football. This association was founded in 1930. This tournament is contested by men’s national teams of all the members of Federation International de football Association (FIFA). This association is the global governing body in sports.

This tournament takes place every four years but the sequence was bleached in the years 1942 and 1946 when the tournament was called off due to the increased actions of World War II.  In 2014, the most recent final were held in Brazil. In these finals Germany won by beating Argentina 1-0 after an extra time span.

The world cup final tournament marks the last competition where the results determines which county will fly the flag of championship. The general rule of the game holds that, if after 90 minutes of the game, the score turns out as a draw an additional 30 minutes (extra time) are added. In case, the game remains tied after extra time, the winner is determined by kicks from the penalty shoot-out. In history, the tournament has been decided by a single off play except in 1950.  At that time, the winner was decided by a final round contested by four teams namely; Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Sweden.

In the contest, Uruguay defeated Brazil 2-1. It was the most contentious game which put those points ahead and made them finish as the world champions. Hence FIFA regarded this tournament as the de facto final world cup of 1950. A total of 20 tournaments has been held, and the 77 countries have appeared at least once. More so, only 12 of them have made it to the finals but only eight has ever won. Brazil is the most team in all the matches, it holds 5 titles and remains the only nation that has always participated in every world cup finals.

On the other hand, Germany and Italy holds four titles. Argentina and Uruguay holds 2 titles while France, England and Spain holding one title 2014, Germany took the fourth title and it was the first for the reunified Germany team. It’s the same year that they made a history by becoming the first European team to win in South America. A  FIFA world cup trophy is given to the winning team and it bears the name of the team at the bottom line.

In the history of sports, only five years have been contested by the same team namely; Argentina vs. Germany and Brazil vs. Italy. However, only in the years 1934 and 2014 that the matches were contested by teams playing their first game. In 2018, FIFA world cup will take place in Russia at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. Until 2014, all the nations that have ever competed in world cup are all from Europe and South America.

Year Winner Runners-up Host Score
2014 Germany Argentina Brazil 1-0
2010 Spain Netherlands South Africa 1-0
2006 Italy France Germany 1-1
2002 Brazil Germany Japan/S. Korea 2-0
1998 France Brazil France 3-0
1994 Brazil Italy USA 0-0 (3-2)
1990 Germany Argentina Italy 1-0
1986 Argentina Germany Mexico 3-2
1982 Italy Germany Spain 3-1
1978 Argentina Holland Argentina 3-1
1974 Germany Holland Germany 2-1
1970 Brazil Italy Mexico 4-1
1966 England Germany England 4-2
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia Chile 3-1
1958 Brazil Sweden Sweden 5-2
1954 Germany Hungary Switzerland 3-2
1950 Uruguay Brazil Brazil 2-1
1946 Not held      
1942 Not held      
1938 Italy Hungary France 4-2
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia Italy 2-1
1930 Uruguay Argentina Uruguay 4-2

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