How to Watch EL CLASICO match Live Stream Real Madrid – Barcelona?


EI CLASICO is one of the largest football match events of the present. The faceoff match between the Barcelona and Real Madrid is generally aired on the Sky Sports throughout the UK, which is not the case now. This is because of the law that implies the stoppage of broadcasting of the matches which are played after 3 pm.

EL CLASICO Live Streaming

It has caused dimness on many of the football fan’s enthusiasm. So here is the short note on how you can enjoy the matches of EL CLASICO league within the UK or anywhere else with the help of Fubo or any other free live streaming services including Kodi. This can be done for the users who exist anywhere in the world.

Fubo is the legal service which offers the live streaming subscription initiated in the US. It is focused on the streaming of the matches which are played in the Latin America. However, it also broadcasts few of the other big international events on its online site.

The VPN (Virtual Private Network), does the encryption of the internet traffic and passes it through the remote intermediate network within the location of your choice. You need to choose the server which exists in the US, like Fubo or any other service where you feel comfortable to watch the streaming.

Watch el Clásico Online

VPNs are very easy to use and come along with a lot of perks, including the easy switch mode for altering the server locations and online privacy. You have to sign in, download the software, install it, select the server and get connected.

Where and how to watch El Clásico today?

Another option can be the Kodi, which is the free streaming service and is an open source software that works on various types of devices including Windows PC, Mac, Android, and Linux.

Download Kodi

For using Kodi to get the live streaming, you will require installing few add-ons. Kodi doesn’t have any content by default, so these add-ons are essential for streaming the football and may be other content from the third-party sources. But be sure that these sources come from the legal broadcasting officials.

Download Kodi App

As you have got the complete setup, you just need to go to the site and get the live streaming of the match with high-quality texture in any language which you want. Other than this there are paid versions of few services which offer the spam free and authorized links for streaming.

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