Spanish courts ordered Rojadirecta to shut down all live streaming


For a lot of years, the live streaming site of Spain, Rojadirecta remained popular all across the world. With the excessive use of the internet, the Wild West and many another huge fans of football would be using this online streaming service to catch the links of watching the recent matches and their most favorite teams playing the leagues.

The website gathered the various links for broadcasting the live sports plays and got about 40 million users each month at its peak. For many years, the site has been blamed for displaying the pirated versions of the online streams, while in 2011 the service got pulled down and its features were caught by the US security department.

Rojadirecta is the place where you can enjoy the unconstrained and uninterrupted online video streams, of any event or the title which you want. Either they are related to the game plays or the TV shows. Other than this there is a type of entertainment offered on this site which many people would like to enjoy through their internet connection and which could fill the hollow voids in their everyday routine. And this the sports channels off course.

These are the few aspects of the online services which make them attractive for their users. And then they try to find the sources which could provide them the best chances to enjoy the modes which they like. In fact, the strive for finding the right source they may fall prey to false and spammed links. That is what the case is there.

So, is this the end of Rojadirecta?

The site is also being faced with a lot of the court accusations for many years, but the site has handled to remain alive even under such pressure. It was accused of holding the content which is not copyrighted. One of the major domain of the service is not active for more than a year because of the extreme pressure of the Spanish courts, and it seems that the final decision has been made for the streaming service.

As the court has ordered for ceasing the streaming activity of the site and also on the similar platforms, like TarjetarojaOnline and Rojadirectatv. The court has turned down about 80 different projects, which was owned by the Rojadirecta, for paying the compensation for the Movistar+ and Canal+.

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